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On various occasions, we have to travel and to make our journey smooth and hassle-free we opt for a hotel room that has the most positive reviews in that particular area we are travelling to, and they are required to be within the budget.

While the budget is the most important aspect that makes us opt for a hotel accommodation over another, there are few other factors to be considered which are as important as the budget set aside for the accommodation during our trip.

In case you are travelling for business purposes, it is important for you to consider the amenities provided at the hotel that would ensure a trouble-free stay for the hotel and it is also very important to consider the quality of the services provided at the hotel as well because sometimes a prompt response from the hotel staff can actually ensure that you reach the office on time.

Basic amenities such as hot water, private bathrooms, 24/7 room service, TV, WiFi, air conditioning, in-house restaurant have become the primary consideration for customers while choosing accommodation with a hotel. The rooms are required to be modern yet comfortable for the guests with online booking playing a major part in the customers’ choice.

Hotel SVM Grand is one of the popular hotels that offer modern and comfortable guest rooms at affordable prices. We offer single and double executive and standard rooms, with air conditioning, hot water, lift, card payment, WiFi, private bathrooms and other facilities which have received numerous positive responses from our clients.

We are located in Medipally, which is within close proximity to Pocharam IT Hub in Hyderabad, making us an ideal location for accommodation if you are in the city for a business meeting.

We also offer guest rooms to wedding parties, especially for the bride, the groom and their families. We ensure you have a hassle-free stay with our 24/7 room service. You can also enjoy a fine dining experience with our in-house restaurant. We offer world-class cuisine to further enhance your experience.

We ensure that you’re comfortable throughout your stay, for more information visit

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